10 Most Essential Crystals for Pagans

Crystals are significant tools for spellwork, rituals, ceremonies, meditation, protection, and healing. As a natural element from Mother Earth, they have an energy all their own.

Here are my top ten picks for the ten most essential crystals for pagans: Clear quartz, dalmatian, citrine, green aventurine, aquamarine, amethyst, rose quartz, black obsidian, tiger’s eye, and my personal favorite turquoise.


Choosing The Right Crystal


There are several things you want to consider when choosing a crystal. Crystals can be found in two different forms.

Mined crystals are when a specific mineral such as quartz is mined for the purpose of selling it to make products.

Lab gems or crystals are produced in a lab and may use mined materials as well as synthetic ones.


All crystals even lab-produced ones have energy. They also absorb energy from other natural elements, the moon, and living beings.

Your goal is to make that energy work with you. It is possible to cleanse crystals so that you wash away past energy influences and start them anew.

When shopping, I often just hold my hand over the rocks to open myself up to their energy. Pick up a crystal and hold it to your chest, close your eyes, and center on your energy.

Ask yourself if any particular one speaks to you or if you feel a special connection with it.

Are You Attracted to It?

Crystals come in an array of shapes and sizes. You may prefer a rough cut for a more natural look. Or you may want a crystal that’s been tumbled into a smooth round shape that you can hold in your hand.

Don’t overthink its size or weight. Instead, look for the quality of color, purity, and essence. Use your spiritual senses and your physical ones to find one that speaks to you.

Ethically Sourced Crystals

As well as seeking a stone that you connect with, consider that stone’s source. Many crystals are mined and we need to consider how that process affects the earth, nearby wildlife habitat, and the people who work in the mines.

My good friend Brandy of For Animals For Earth was fortunate to interviewed Nicholas Pearson for her podcast.

Nicholas is a well-known pagan and crystal practitioner. His book Stones of the Goddess is fabulous.

Nicholas encourages us to ask questions about where our crystals come from.

Check out Brandy’s interview and also take a peek at the incredible library behind him!

Clear Quartz Crystal

The first stone a baby pagan should acquire is a clear quartz crystal. It comes in many forms and should be comfortable for holding in the hand if you intend to use it for spell work or rituals. The clearer and larger the crystal, the more expensive it is likely to be.

Clear quartz is very versatile. It is associated with all the planets and carries the full spectrum of light within it. Ideally, it should be completely transparent and have no inclusions of other minerals.

It can be used in meditation, to channel higher wisdom, clear disturbing emotions and negativity, and amplify one’s magical intentions. Clear quartz is for clarity of purpose, mind, and direction and balancing the emotions.

 Tip: You can use clear quartz to cleanse other crystals.


 Dalmation stone is a new one in my crystal arsenal. I picked one up on a whim this past summer.

You can read more in my article A Pagans Intro to Using Crystals

Dalmation stones are very grounding. Their energy supports family and loyalty and has a calming influence on children and animals.

It encourages emotional harmony and works well when you have a team project or collaboration at work. Just carry on in your pocket.

Tip: I keep mine on my bedside table. It helps to manage bad dreams and dissipate negative energy while I sleep.

My Dalmatian Stone Photo by Ame Vanorio

My Dalmatian Stone Photo by Ame Vanorio



Citrine is a form of quartz that can vary in color from pale yellow to amber to deep orange or even brownish orange.

It represents the element of Fire and can awaken the creative imagination. The best stones are transparent with clearly visible color.

Citrine is interesting because it can be mined and it is also produced by heat-treating amethyst. It works well when paired with amethyst or clear quartz.

This beautiful stone is associated with confidence and opportunities. It promotes courage, abundance, and material good fortune.

Tip: For financial difficulties place a citrine in the back left corner of your home or in your workspace. This uses the energy of the crystal with the ancient practice of Fen Shui.


I love tumbled stones because I like to have them in my pocket where I can touch them throughout the day. This is my green aventurine which is a great energy stone. Photo by Ame Vanorio

I love tumbled stones because I like to have them in my pocket where I can touch them throughout the day. This is my green aventurine which is a great energy stone. Photo by Ame Vanorio

Green Aventurine


Aventurine is an energy amplifier. Green aventurine is associated with the elements of Earth and Water and adds happiness and confidence to our life.

This stone is all about leadership and adventure. Let it take you out of your comfort zone while you benefit from a boost of courage.

Green aventurine reflects positivity and gratitude and can be used for healing and meditation. It supports the heart and stimulates growth and energy. It is a relatively inexpensive stone that is easily acquired.

Tip: Carry it with you when you have an important meeting at school or work.




Aquamarine is a stunning clear blue or blue-green crystal associated with Water. It strengthens one’s intuitive abilities and helps to express one’s inner knowing.

It is a communication stone that encourages people to open up and verbalize their feelings. It is perfect for rituals beside the sea or connecting with marine creatures.

It strengthens your links to the spiritual realm and discovers spiritual truths. It can be a source of inspiration in creative endeavors. It’s particularly beneficial for people whose work involves the communication of words and ideas.

Tip: Aquamarine stones are calming and help reduce anxiety. Hold one in your hand next to your heart when you feel tense.




Amethyst is a beautiful crystal associated with the element of Air. The color varies in intensity from pale violet to almost blackish purple.

It was used by Neolithic people in Europe in 25 000 BC, and it has been treasured as a stone of royalty for thousands of years.


Amethyst is a crystal for spiritual protection and purification. It helps to still the mind during meditation and clears away negative energy.

Placing it around the home enhances the physical environment and gives a feeling of being protected by a bubble of light. Put it under a child’s pillow to ward off nightmares or receive insights into dreams.

The Ancient Greeks used it to prevent drunkenness and today it is used for a variety of addictions.

Tip: Carry amethyst to help you avoid cigarettes, drugs, or alcohol.


One of my Rose Quartz. Photo by Ame Vanorio

One of my Rose Quartz. Photo by Ame Vanorio

Rose Quartz


Unconditional love, compassion, and kindness are what the rose quartz is all about. An opaque pink crystal is associated with the element of Water. It sweetens relationships and promotes tolerance toward others.

The energy of rose quartz affects the heart and emotions and softens them.

If one word could be used to describe rose quartz, it would be “love”. The crystal represents love in all its forms. It can be self-love, the love of a friend, the community, a life partner, or even the Earth itself.

It can also be used to attract romance or rekindle the romance between two people and for emotional healing. It relieves stress and restores calm.

 Tip: Have you had an argument with a loved one or friend? Hold your rose quartz to help bring healing of emotional pain.

Black Obsidian 

Black obsidian actually comes from cooled volcanic lava. It’s a wonderful stone for protection against emotional and spiritual negativity.

It is used for psychic protection and grounding and is a pure glossy black. It is an excellent stone to place around the home or wear on one’s person because it eliminates disharmony and cleanses negative emotions.  

It can also be used as a ward against negative energies in rituals and for scrying. Black Obsidian is associated with the element of Earth.

Obsidian was very important in many early cultures. It was used for making weapons, dishes, and jewelry. Earliest findings of man-altered obsidian date back 700,000 years in Africa.

It was widely traded in the Americas long before white settlers arrived.

A fun story. I once tried to knap obsidian. (Knapping is shaping a stone by striking it with another object) . It was much harder than the Delaware flint I had previously used and very sharp. I had many cuts on my hand!

Tip: Are you feeling a lack of mental clarity? Hold a piece of obsidian in your dominant hand and take several deep breathes. Sit quietly and concentrate on removing fog from your brain.


Tiger’s Eye


Tiger’s eye is easily recognized by its bands of golden brown, caramel, reddish-brown, and dark yellow. It is associated with the elements of Earth and Fire and promotes mental clarity.

It is a powerful manifestation stone and is helpful when you are dealing with issues of the self.

The stone enhances vitality, stimulates physical action and practicality, and bestows courage. It also sharpens intellect and logical reasoning abilities.

Tip: It works well when next to the skin such as a necklace or bracelet.


I love turquoise. These are two of my bracelets that are older family pieces. Photo by Ame Vanorio

I love turquoise. These are two of my bracelets that are older family pieces. Photo by Ame Vanorio



I saved my favorite for last!

Turquoise is another stone that is very important to indigenous people. To the ancients, turquoise represented hope, tranquility, wisdom, and protection when traveling.

It has a very pure, uplifting energy.

It is a vivid blue or greenish-blue opaque stone associated with the element of Air. It activates creativity and aids in the communication and manifestation of the truth. It can lift one’s spirits and alleviate stress.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of fake turquoise stones on the market. Howlite can be dyed to look like turquoise and is a cheaper option. So ask questions!

Tip: Place in your bedroom to promote harmony.


Take Away


There are many crystals that can be helpful to pagans, and the ten listed above are just the start.

Author, Ame Vanorio, loves her crystals. She is a lifelong pagan, an environmental educator, and a licensed wildlife rehabilitator.