20 Types of Witches: Which One Are You?

Do you feel drawn to the art and magic of witchcraft but wonder where you fit into it all? This article will guide you in discovering your inner witch and may give you some thoughts on areas of witchcraft you want to explore.

What Kind of Witch Are You?

Remember when thinking about all these types of witches it’s important to consider what you like and don’t like. Consider your interests and hobbies. If one of the descriptions below makes you think - oh wow - well then explore that one some more.

Remember it’s perfectly ok to be more than one type of witch. You are eclectic and have lots of interests! Keep reading to find out what kind of witch you are.

Descriptions are based on the author’s personal experiences. Yours may be different and that’s perfectly ok!

  1. Cosmic Witch

The cosmic witch loves the relationship between the sky and the planets. The magic of the moon and sun. They are very intuned to the alignment of the stars and planets and use astrology to make predictions.

They may practice astrology, and lunar or sun magic. The cosmic witch often plans their magical practice to correspond to planetary movement.

You Might Be A Cosmic Witch If:

  • You love earth science

  • Do you have a horoscope app on your phone

  • You’re a night owl and enjoy gazing up at the sky

  • You sense a shift as the planets orbit

  • When you meet new people (before you know their birthday) you automatically think about what sign they are

    2. Creature/Critter/Animal Witch

This witch works closely with their animal kin folk to create magic. They have a unique bond with both domestic and wild beings. He/her/they may have a familiar or be in touch with their spirit animal.

This witch is often a green witch as well and loves to commune in nature. Julie Wilder has a great definition in her book What Type of Witch Are You? “ The creature witch co-creates with animals to perform magic”.

You Might Be A Creature witch If:

  • Animals come running up to greet you when you visit friends, walk in the park, or are on a hike.

  • You find hurt or injured wildlife and the name of your local wildlife rehabilitator is on your speed dial

  • Animal sounds such as birds chirping give you joy

  • You feel calm sitting under an oak tree watching squirrels play

  • Animals come to you frequently during dreams or meditation

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3. Divination Witch

A divination witch reads the room so to speak. The divination witch is very intuitive and uses tools to gather information and make predictions.

Divination witches may specialize in a skill such as reading tarot or scrying. They are very good at sensing messages from the universe. They love symbolism and trust their intuition.

You May Be A Divination Witch If:

  • You feel strongly about having a goal or a purpose in life

  • You experience deja vu

  • You look for shapes in things

  • Everything happens for a reason

  • You feel you “know” something when you look at something symbolic

4. Eclectic Witch

You don’t fit nicely in a square box! A person who has lots of interests may be described as an eclectic person.

As humans, we are constantly growing and changing. You may be facing new challenges and change your practice to reflect that. Eclectic witches pull from a variety of practices and cultures.

You May Be An Eclectic Witch If:

  • You are interested in learning new things

  • You don’t like to follow the recipe

  • You tend to go down rabbit holes

  • You had a hard time picking a career path

  • You think the library is your personal playground

5. Elemental Witch

An elemental witch uses the four elements earth, water, air, and fire. In addition, spirit is often considered the fifth element. The elements also represent the cardinal directions and this witch may be key to calling on the quarters (or directions) during a ceremony.

An elemental witch loves working with altars, especially those found in nature. They work well with balance and can help those who feel disconnected or unbalanced.

You May Be An Elemental Witch If:

  • You love nature walks and gravitate towards water, rocks, the sun, and the blue sky.

  • You appreciate natural beauty and the changing seasons.

  • You can feel the energy in “non-living” objects such as rocks, water, dirt, and dew.

  • You may go in your local metaphysical shop and hold all the crystals

  • You have a strong sense of space.

This book is a fabulous resource when exploring what type of witch you are.

6. FaE Witch

A Fae witch has a strong connection with these magical beings. The fae includes fairies, gnomes, elves, dwarfs, brownies, naiads, and pixies. They are typically described as magical creatures with human-like appearances.

The Fae represent the element of earth and are closely aligned with the natural world. The fae has magical powers and can often shapeshift.

A Fae witch is typically a more advanced witch with experience because working with the Fae can be quite tricky and even dangerous. A Fae witch is a skilled negotiator.

Read our article on Working With the Fae.

You May Be A Fae Witch If:

  • You leave treats and small houses in the forest

  • You love flowers

  • You love to take a book and read in the forest

  • You are happy, laughing, dancing and enjoying music

7. Green Witch

The heart of the Green Witch is nature. The green witch works with plants and animals and is concerned about the environment. He/She typically tries to live an eco-friendly lifestyle.

The green witch often considers themselves to be healers and makes potions, teas, and soaps, derived from plants. Foraging, having a windowsill garden and running down the path barefoot make them happy.

Read my article on how to practice Green Witchcraft

You May Be A green Witch If:

  • You love to garden and have a green thumb

  • You consider the effect on the planet when you make purchases

  • You want a crown made of daisies instead of gold

  • Animals are drawn to you

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8. Healing/Crystal Witches

The healing and crystal witch uses crystals to heal and protect themselves and others. They may work to align their chakras and heal the physical body. I have known several crystal witches who also practice Reiki.

They use crystals to enhance their spells and have a strong earth element.

You May Be A Healing/crystal Witch If:

  • You have crystals everywhere and they speak to you.

  • You have a “healing touch”.

  • You may be a massage therapist or natural practitioner.

  • 9. Hearth/Kitchen Witch

A hearth witch is close sisters with the green witch and the elemental witch. He/She uses herbs and spices from nature and the elements to create fabulous foods and concoctions. It is a sensory delight to walk into the home of a hearth/kitchen witch.

These witches have strong skills in protection magic and spells to enhance love or self-worth. Like the green witch, they love to garden and grow their own ingredients.

You May Be A Hearth Witch If:

  • You love to cook and are a natural hostess

  • You are attracted to fire - candles, gas stoves, fireplaces

  • Home is your refuge

  • You can’t wait for the next holiday so you can decorate!

10. Hedge Witch

The Hedgewitch is the cousin of the green witch. However, even though they use many herbal and plant products there are more distinguishing traits.

Hedge witches are often tuned into the element of spirit. They look for signs from their spirit guides and communicate with the spirit realm.

Not so long ago communities used hedges to surround themselves, and farmers used hedges to keep their livestock in one area. So we have this separation where the hedge divides. Hedges witches see that hedge as the lines between the spiritual world and the mortal world. And they cross the line!

You May Be A Hedge Witch If:

  • You see and/or communicate with ghosts, spirits,

  • You are a dreamer (day or night)

  • You have a calm personality

  • You are drawn to divination

11. Hereditary/Folk Witch

Has a strong connection to their ancestors and often have ancestors or family members that are witches. They feel a deep connection to family land or homes.

Hereditary witches are great storytellers and often have stories that were passed down through their families to share.

Keep in mind just like in any other career - you don’t have to follow in the family path. Being a witch is a choice.

You May Be A Hereditary Witch If:

  • You have a relative who is magical

  • You feel a strong energy in your family home or ancestral lands.

12. Intuitive/Empath Witch

These witches are highly sensitive, intuitive, and empathetic. Typically they have a level of clairvoyance, good at reading tarot, and often sense things. They often connect with spirit guides.

Intuitive witches have strong emotions that they need to control or it may affect their mental health. They are often gifted in blocking and shielding spells. They tend to be good at gathering and releasing energy.

You May Be A intuitive Witch If:

  • Your friends come running to you first when they have a problem.

  • You have a caring/healing touch with people and animals.

  • You sense spirit guides or deceased family members in the room.

  • Large crowds give you headaches or nausea (this is due to all the conflicting energy)

13. Ritual/Ceremonial Witch

Ritual and Ceremonial witches love tradition. They often practice the “old ways” and are very dedicated to doing the ritual in a precise way. Ritual Witches go through all the steps of a spell and are gifted potion makers.

They often are coven leaders or mentor young witches. They appreciate the gathering of energies and will dance and sing all night long.

You May Be A Ritual Witch If:

  • You are interested in learning all you can.

  • You like to try new spells but often come back to the tried and true.

  • Your altar is very elaborate.

  • You like order

14. Shadow Witch

Working with the subconscious to uncover past trauma and fears the shadow witch works to push past resistance. They may be doing this as part of self-reflection or helping to guide others.

They often use divination tools to gain insights. In addition, they often journal and are fabulous writers. Shadow witches often work with lunar deities.

You May Be A shadow Witch If:

  • You love to be reflective

  • You gaze at the moon in wonder

  • You sense when you will have a major breakthrough

  • You keep a written or sketch journal

15. Shamanic/Spirit Witch

Spirit witches work in the spirit realm. When you add the shamanic witch to that you have someone who communicates with the spirits and may act as an intermediary.

They summon, banish or ask guidance from the spirits. Many like to practice in graveyards or ancestorial burial land. They may be skilled in astral projection and divination.

You May Be A Spirit Witch If:

  • You have seen or heard spirits

  • You have a deep desire to communicate with them

  • You often remember your dreams

16. Solitary Witch

Solitary witches practice by themselves as opposed to being part of a coven. They may not want to be part of a coven or there are just not any other witches in the area.

Often they are introverted and enjoy solitude. They often enjoy learning by doing and are ok with trial and error. The internet is a click away but they often prefer to explore on their own.

You Might Be A solitary Witch If:

  • You are a hermit or someone that prefers to spend time alone

  • You like to learn things through self-exploration

17. Stitch/Fabric/Craft Witch

This witch is a creator, an artist, someone who knits life together. You infuse your creations with magic, are very akin to color magic, and understand spatial relationships.

Craft witches love to use nature in their creations. Items such as pebbles, leaves, and wool are infused with natural energy and blessings. They are drawn to making sigils and enjoy candle magic.

You Might Be A Stitch/Craft Witch If:

  • You are drawn to visual color

  • You have seen colors around objects ( these are auras)

  • You organize your clothing by color and fabric types

  • You love crafts

18. Weather Witch

The weather witch gravitates to the sun, moon, and loves a good storm. They may focus on the weather in general or a specific aspect such as the sun.

For instance, a sun witch is energized by solar energy and enjoys self-care rituals. Sun witches feel close to the element of fire.

A Thunder witch feels things intently and works well with the element of water. They love percussion instruments and using a wand in spell work.

A weather witch is strong and courageous. They do rain dances and call upon the wind when its hot.

You Might Be A Weather Witch If:

  • You love watching the sun rise and set

  • You enjoy things that are a circle or sphere shape

  • You predict the weather

  • You may do a rain dance if your garden plants are dry

19. Water Witch/Sea Witch

A water witch works with water and is very connected to natural bodies of water. The Sea Witch often focuses on the oceans. The water witch uses water gathered from a lake, stream, or ocean to use in spells and anoint her ritual tools.

They love rocks that have been made smooth by water, sand, and shells. Water/Sea witches often feel connected to water animals whether they be fish, mammals, birds, or tiny crawdads.

You Might Be A Water/Sea Witch If:

  • You feel pulled to be near water.

  • You love to swim, kayak, or other water sports

  • You feel your senses are heightened when you are near the water.

  • Water gives you a deep feeling of peace.

20. White/Black And Grey Witch

White, Black, and Grey are colors of magic. In some ways they are stereotypical and we see the term white and black witch used in fairy tales a lot.

A white witch is one who seeks to do good. White magic is performed to help people. White witches feel empathy strongly and have a strong sense of justice.

A black witch seeks to create discord in the world. They practice spells of vengeance, curses and making poisons. Voodoo is sometimes termed a black craft although it’s more of a cultural expression of magic.

The Grey Witch traverses the tightrope in the middle. It is the neutral path since obviously there is “good” and “bad” in all forms of witchcraft.