21 Best Pagan Names For Cats (Including Meanings)

Cats are the perfect pets for pagans. Like us, they are often stereotyped as being up to no good.

As someone who is owned by two cats and has spent years doing animal rescue, I worked to find some names that would be meaningful to pagans and their cats.

What Makes a Good Cat Name?

You want your cat to learn their name and be responsive when you talk to them. A name that is too long or hard to hear clearly may be confusing to them.

Training your cat may sound like a bit of an oxymoron, however, cats can be responsive to their names and other cue words. It’s important for your cat to know their name for times they need to go to the vet, meet a new cat sitter, or if there is an emergency.

Don’t rush into naming your cat. Sometimes a few days of getting to know each other first will reveal the perfect name.

Tips for Good Names For Training

  • Their name should have less than two syllables. If you choose a longer name think about the nickname you will be using.

  • The name should have strong constants so it’s easy to distinguish for the animal.

  • Pick a name that has meaning. That way it resonates positive energy when you say it.

  • Don’t go with a name that may sound like something else you say a lot.

My Cats

I have two cats named Gidget and Pixie - because that’s what they are!

Gidget means “small girl” and she is. Gidget has a crippled leg and is a total sweetheart. She is named for the Salley Field character in the 60s sitcom “Gidget”.

My other cat is named Pixie. Pixie means Fairy and is Celtic in origin. Pixie was an abandoned kitten that I bottle-fed and raised in my bed. She’s small, very quirky, and somewhat mischievous - the perfect Pixie!

Popular Names for Pagan Cats

Angus - Gaelic origins refer to the God associated with youth, love, summer, and poetic inspiration. It means choice, special or unique. What cat couldn’t resist the four bright birds that hovered over his head?

Artemis - The Greek goddess associated with the moon and hunting. It does break my rule about having three syllables however both Art and Arte are good nicknames with strong constant sounds. Great for a cat that wants to hunt mice or dust balls and loves to play with cat toys.

Bast - The Egyptian goddess of homes and cats, she had a cat head and a human body. The Ancient Egyptians loved cats and felt they were magical. Cats were popular pets at the time and are often found mummified in tombs with jeweled collars.

Charm - the power or quality of giving delight or arousing admiration. That definitely describes a cat. A charm is something that uses magic to ward off bad fortune and bring good luck. A vocal cat can be quite charming as she/he wants to talk to you.

Siamese cat

The Siamese cat is known for being very vocal. Photo by Cindy McCravey

Cybele - a nature goddess worshiped as the Great Mother in Asia Minor. She is often pictured with lions. The Greeks adopted her and called her Rhea. Lions are a symbol of strength and the protector of the home.

Faeryn - From old English, it means fairy or with fairies. The name Faeryn is associated with good luck. I picture a kitten that is fluffy and bouncy and just wants to play.

Freyja or Freya - A Norse goddess of love and beauty. She rode in a chariot tethered to two large male cats who sadly don’t seem to have names. Her name means “lady”. In Numerology her Destiny Number is 1.

Griffin - Greek and Roman mythological beast has the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle. In Welsh, it means “strong chief”. A good name for a cat that likes to be in charge!

Hex - to bewitch someone or curse them. A person (or cat) that practices witchcraft. Jinx is also a good name for a feline. Both have very strong consonant sounds.

Hypnos - This name is perfect for a lazy feline. Hypnos is the Greek God of Sleep. If you have a cat who can’t resist a nap on that sunny window sill or loves to curl up on your pillows this is the name for them.

Litha - This Wiccan sabbat is held during the summer solstice. Litha means "gentle" or "navigable," in Anglo-Saxon and "To illuminate, to shine" in the African language Xhosa. A great name for a sweet kitty who brightens up your day.

Leon - A Greek word for a lion. Loves home and family. Will proudly protect your home from mice and unwanted spirits.

Loki - The Norse god of tricks and mischief. A great name for a cat who loves to play and get into things. I once had a cat named Sunshine who stole the pompoms off of socks and hid them in my closet. She would have been a good Loki!

cat with one blue and one yellow eye

This is a magical cat! Photo by Keith Kissel

Luna - Does your cat have a nocturnal streak? Possibly running up and down the hall at 3:00 am as my Pixie does. Luna, who is the Roman Moon goddess, is a mysterious and dark name that refers to the meaning of a beautiful night and of course the moon.

Mihos - The Egyptian god of war and son of Bast. He had the head of a lion and a reputation for being fierce. Known as the keeper of law and order. A common Egyptian surname.

Mystic - Old French word for mystique and means magically gifted or intriguing. It is often used to describe a spiritual person (or cat) who gains spiritual knowledge through prayer and deep thought. I think of this name as my cat stares out into seeming nothingness and I wonder what is she thinking about.

Oracle - means prophesy in Greek and we know them as seers who make prophecies and are a conduit of knowledge. I’ve known many a cat who would have been a divine oracle!

Raina - It means "queen" in Latin. A cat who is wise and solitary would make a good queen. One who moves around with a mysterious demeanor. Her Number is 7 which implies mysterious and intuitive.

Sekhmet - The Egyptian goddess of war who had the head of a lion. Very strong appealing-sounding name. Sekhmet was destructive and retaliating which may sound familiar if you live with a cat!

Shiva - While not actually a pagan god, Shiva is the Hindu god of destruction is associated with tigers. He represents both good and bad, has untamed passion, and extremes in behavior. He wears a tiger skin to symbolize his power.

Yōkai - mysterious spirits in Japanese folklore. They are shapeshifters and very mischievous.

Cat on quilt

My sons cat, Floopsie. Photo by Ame Vanorio

Rescue or Adopt

I hope that you will consider getting your next best friend from a rescue or adoption agency. There are SO many stray and feral cats out there and they all deserve a loving home.

One serious problem is that many shelters will not accept cats. They tell people to get them neutered or spayed and set them free to roam the streets. Low-cost clinics are great but their goal is to reduce the population - not give the animal a loving home.

Cats are domesticated (not wild) animals and are not meant to live on the street.

Please consider giving a cat a warm loving pagan home.

Author, Ame Vanorio, is a pagan cat mom, an environmental educator, and a licensed wildlife rehabilitator. Ame writes about honoring nature, animal spirit guides, crystals, and holidays. She also does our social media pages. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter.