Full Moons Throughout The Year 2023: Names and Meanings

Every month has a full moon. That moon has a name and certain meanings attached to it. The names may vary a bit with different cultures but the intent is often similar.

Certain moons have different energies depending on their placement in relationship to the earth and sun during that month. Planning to do rituals and spells during these times can help you harness that energy for a positive outcome.

I have included the dates for the 2022 full moons and some special lunar events. However, remember the dates reflect my location in Wisconsin USA.

January: Wolf Moon or Cold moon

Native Americans often called January's full moon the Wolf Moon after hearing the howling of hungry wolves. Like the wolves, they were often cold and hungry during January.

My people, the Cree, call this the Cold Moon. The Celts call this the Quiet Moon which I find very relaxing and peaceful.

This moon offers us protection and strength. It is seen as a time of transition, beginnings, and endings.

January 6, 2023

Super New Moon January 21, 2023

February: Snow Moon or Storm Moon

Typically February in North America is a time of unsettling weather. Either cold snow or hard rains. This moon has also been called the Hunger moon because food stores are running out but it’s not warm enough to plant yet.

Algonquin peoples named it the Groundhog Moon.

This is a good time to do magic for increased fertility and strength. Spells that help you to gain confidence or deal with a particular challenge work well during this moon.

February 5, 2023

Super New Moon February 20, 2023

March: Worm Moon or Chaste Moon

This moon is about starting life, fertility, and success. It is a time for purity, starting over, and hope.

Earthworms appear as the soil warms in spring and migratory birds return.

March 7, 2023

The Vernal Equinox (Spring) will be on Monday, March 20, 2023

April: Pink Moon or Seed Moon

Some Native Americans compared April's full moon to the pink ground phlox flowers that bloomed. You may also hear this called the Awakening Moon. This is a time of growth and wisdom. You are sowing magic (as well as seeds).

April 6, 2023

May: Flower Moon or Hare Moon

May's abundant burst of flowers has many cultures calling this the flower moon or the many spring bunny babies being born representing the fertility of the earth. This is a time to use magic to enhance your health, love life, and wisdom. Divination is powerful at this time.

May 5, 2023

Black Moon May 19, 2023 (second New Moon in single calendar month)

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June: Strawberry Moon or Rose Moon

In North America, the harvesting of strawberries in June gives that month its name, while Europeans have dubbed it the Rose Moon. Certainly, all the weddings in June make it a great time for lovers.

This is a great month to nurture a relationship, your garden, or your craft. Do some foraging and gather herbs for future rituals. The Celts call this the Moon of Horses so seek out animals to be kind to.

Folklore says that a growing Moon and a flowing tide are lucky times to marry.

June 3, 2023

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July: Mead Moon or Hay Moon

Well, the Gods appreciate some mead so this is the full moon for mead! A good month for enchantment, success, and strength.

Celebration is in the air. Spend time outside and take advantage of the nice weather for outside spells and rituals.

July 3, 2023

July 20, 2023 - Anniversary of the first humans, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, to walk on the moon in 1969.

August: Sturgeon Moon or Wyrt Moon

North American fishing tribes called August's full moon the sturgeon moon since they were migrating during this month.

Wyrt is the old English term for a plant. In August we are often harvesting and putting up crops for winter.

Remember to give offerings from your harvest to the gods and goddesses.

Super Full Moon August 1, 2023

Micro New Moon August 16, 2023

Blue Moon and Super Full Moon August 30, 2023

September: Harvest Moon or Singing Moon

The moon this month has a particularly bright appearance and rises early. Farmers often stay out late in the fields to continue harvesting into the night.

This is a great moon for healing and herbal magic. Nurture those around you.

September 29, 2023

The Autumn Equinox is September 23, 2023

October: Hunter's Moon or Blood moon

The first moon after the Harvest Moon is the Hunter's Moon, so named as indigenous cultures hunted animals who were fat and healthy after summer grazing.

This is the moon of protection, setting goals, and enhancing your spirituality. There is a lot of transition going on. Divination is powerful during this time.

October 28, 2023

November: Beaver Moon or Tree Moon

The beavers know it’s time to prepare and are building their winter dams.

Binding spells for friends and lovers work well this month. Self-care spells to help you relax and reenergize through this sometimes stressful season.

November 27, 2023

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December: Cold Moon or Oak Moon

The coming of winter earned December's full moon the Cold Moon. The nights are getting longer and the moon rules.

December 26, 2023

The Winter Solstice is on the calendar for December 21, 2023

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What Is A Black Moon?

In 2023 we will have just one black moon. Black moon is a term often used by witches and astrologers and does not have a set definition.

A Black Moon is the flip side of a Blue Moon. It can mean the second new moon in any given calendar month. It can also describe the third new moon in a season of four New Moons.

A new moon is when the moon side facing the earth is in the shadow of the sun - so we don’t have a good vision of it.

I may have a Black Moon and you may not. Or vice versa. The Black Moon is a somewhat unusual celestial event happening on average about every 32 months. Also, sometimes they only occur in certain time zones.

What Is A Blue Moon?

A Blue moon occurs when there are two full months in the same month. The second full moon is referred to as a Blue Moon.

What Is A Super Full Moon?

There will be two super full moons in 2023. Both in the month of August.

When we have a full moon during the time that the moon is closest to the earth it is called a super full moon. That is because we can see it more clearly.

Technically we call it a super full moon when it’s less than 223,694 miles from the center of Earth. Wow - that still sounds pretty far away!